Top 5 Online Chess Sites

Online chess is a great equalizer and transcends social, economic, and geographic barriers. It is a game of strategy, patience, creativity, and nerves. It also promotes tolerance and respect.

US Chess CC play is conducted through email or correspondence chess servers and uses a much slower time control (days per move instead of hours or minutes) than over-the-board chess.

Chess fanatics

Chess fanatics is an online chess platform that allows users to play with other players from all over the world. It offers various game modes and tournament play to cater to the needs of different types of players. It also includes educational features to help players improve their chess skills.

The website includes an opening explorer and an analysis board. It also offers a variety of chess variants, including crazyhouse, chess960, antichess, three-check, and racing kings. You can also play in speed games such as blitz and rapid, and request a server-side full game analysis for any finished game.

You can also find pre-recorded video lessons from top chess players. Some of these videos are even curated by Lichess Tutor and selected for their educational value. Other features include annotated boards and glyphs. You can toggle the display of glyphs on the board to make it easier to read. You can also turn on infinite analysis, which will analyze the game endlessly, but it will take up a lot of CPU resources.


SparkChess is a fun and challenging way to practice your moves. It offers different board styles (including 2D diagrams, fixed 3D and a stunning fantasy chess set), four AI opponents with different levels of skill, a Chess Coach setting, a Fen string viewer, the ability to import and export PGN games, and more.

The game’s simple user interface makes it easy to get started – just select your pieces, choose your color, and click the white or black piece you want to move. Then you can play casual games, challenge your friends in multiplayer and even compete on the leaderboard.

Unlike most chess programs, SparkChess is designed to put fun first. Its impressive AI allows players of all skill levels to have hours of engaging fun, while still offering a challenge that experts will enjoy. It also supports castling and the en-passant capture, making it one of the most advanced chess apps available. The game is developed by Armand Niculescu, a full-stack developer who has two bachelor’s degrees in engineering and marketing and an MSc. in Management and Information Systems.


The ChessBase program is a chess database with multiple functions that help the user prepare their games. It provides a complete repertoire of openings, middlegames and endgames, 50,000 tactical training positions, free premium membership of Playchess, a high-performance engine, an Openings Trainer and many more features. It also has a large library of training videos to learn the game.

The program uses a proprietary format for database management that stores moves, classifiers and thematic keys. It also supports pgn files for interoperability. The program was first released under MS-DOS and later ported to Microsoft Windows.

The latest version of the program, ChessBase 17, includes a new data format and improved functions. For example, the new “buddy heuristics” allow engines to search deeper for good moves. It also has a new, clearer search mask and a feature called pearl search that finds beautiful games. The program also has a dark mode to prevent eye strain during long chess sessions.

Internet Chess Club

The Internet Chess Club is a popular pay-to-play online chess server that allows users to play against grandmasters and other high-rated players. It also offers a range of other features, including video lessons from grandmasters. The ICC is an important part of the chess world and attracts many players who are looking for a challenge and fun.

Playing chess online can be an excellent way to socialize and make new friends. It also provides a mental challenge and helps to improve cognitive skills. In addition, playing against a variety of opponents exposes you to different styles of play and strategies, which can help you become a more adaptable player. Moreover, playing chess online can be a great way to learn the basics of the game and develop your own style. It is essential to remember that chess games have time limits, and a good strategy involves thinking ahead and planning your moves. This can help you avoid losing a game because of a mistake or running out of time.

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