About Game

Welcome to ChessFanatics, your go-to platform for enjoying a game of chess. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, our intuitive interface and customizable options make it easy for you to start playing and improving your skills. Follow the guide below to get started and make the most of your chess experience on ChessFanatics.

Getting Started

Home Page Overview

When you visit the ChessFanatics homepage, you will see three main buttons:

  1. Start New Game
  2. Customize
  3. Settings

Start New Game

Clicking the Start New Game button will present you with two options:

  1. Vs. CPU
  2. 2 Player Mode


If you choose to play against the computer, you’ll have the option to name your player and select the AI skill level. The available skill levels are:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Medium
  • Hard

Select your preferred skill level to match your experience and challenge yourself appropriately.

2 Player Mode

In this mode, you can play against another person. You’ll need to choose names for both players. This mode is perfect for playing with friends or family members on the same device.


The Customize option allows you to personalize your game setup. You can customize:

  • Pieces Color: Choose the color for your chess pieces.
  • Checkers Color: Select the color for the chessboard squares.
  • Border Type Color: Customize the color of the border around the chessboard.
  • Table Type Color: Pick the color of the virtual table the chessboard sits on.

Personalizing these elements can make your game visually appealing and more enjoyable.


The Settings button lets you adjust various game options to suit your preferences:

  • Sound On/Off: Toggle game sounds on or off.
  • Music Volume: Adjust the background music volume to your liking.
  • Device Orientation on Turn Switch: Change the device orientation when switching turns in human vs. human matches.
  • Show Legal Moves: Enable or disable the display of legal moves for the selected piece.
  • Show Last Moves: Highlight the last moves made by both players.
  • Lock Camera: Lock the camera angle to prevent accidental shifts during gameplay.

How to Play

Starting a Game

  1. Choose Game Mode: Select either Vs. CPU or 2 Player Mode from the Start New Game menu.
  2. Set Up Players: If playing vs. CPU, enter your name and select the AI skill level. For 2 Player Mode, enter the names of both players.
  3. Customize Your Game: Go to Customize to select your preferred colors for pieces, board squares, borders, and tables.
  4. Adjust Settings: Open Settings to configure sound, music volume, orientation on turn switch, display of legal moves, last moves, and camera lock.

Playing the Game

  1. Move Pieces: Click on a piece to see its possible legal moves (if the “Show Legal Moves” option is enabled). Click on the desired square to move your piece.
  2. Capture Opponent’s Pieces: Move your piece to a square occupied by an opponent’s piece to capture it.
  3. Check and Checkmate: The objective is to checkmate your opponent’s king. A king is in check when it is under threat of capture. You must move out of check immediately. If no legal moves can save the king from capture, it’s checkmate, and the game is over.
  4. Special Moves: Utilize special moves like castling, en passant, and pawn promotion to enhance your strategy.

Game Options

During the game, you can access additional options by clicking on the settings icon:

  • Pause/Resume Game: Pause the game and resume whenever you’re ready.
  • Restart Game: Restart the game from the beginning.
  • Exit Game: Exit the current game and return to the homepage.

Ending the Game

The game ends in checkmate, stalemate, draw by agreement, or draw by repetition. You can view the game summary and stats after the game ends.

We hope you enjoy your chess experience on ChessFanatics. Whether you’re playing against the computer or challenging a friend, our platform is designed to offer a seamless and engaging chess-playing experience. Happy playing!