How to play chess game online

Welcome to Chess Fanatics, a thrilling online chess game that combines strategy, competition, and fun! Follow these steps to dive into the exciting world of chess battles and tournaments:

1. Homepage Navigation:

  • Upon successful activation, you’ll be directed to the homepage. Here, you’ll discover a range of options to kickstart your chess experience and have a blast!

2. One-on-One Chess Match:

  • Ready to engage in a thrilling chess match? Click on the “Play 1 vs. 1” option to challenge a random player from anywhere in the world. Once you’re in the game, showcase your strategic prowess to outmaneuver your opponent. Keep in mind that this is a betting game, so every move matters.

3. Tournament Battles:

  • If you’re seeking a greater challenge and the chance to win cash prizes, the “Play Tournament” option is for you. Browse through the available tournaments and select one that aligns with your skill level. Join the competition and get ready for an intense battle of wits. The tournament will proceed until a victor emerges, and if you play skillfully, that victor could be you!

4. Play with Friends:

  • Chess is even more enjoyable when you challenge your friends. Click on “Play with Friend” to initiate a thrilling chess duel with your pals. In this mode, you can customize timers for your games based on your availability. Choose from 1 minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour. Once you’ve set the timer, create a unique challenge code to invite your friends. Share this code directly with your friends or through messaging platforms and social media.

5. Connecting with Friends:

  • Stay connected with fellow players on Chess Fantasy by navigating to the “Friends” section in the navigation bar. You can search for friends using their usernames and add them to your friends’ list, enhancing your social gaming experience.

6. Classic Book Moves:

  • For players looking to enhance their game, explore the “Classic Book Moves” section. Here, you’ll find valuable insights into standard opening moves, commonly known as “book moves.” Study these moves to refine your opening strategies and elevate your gameplay.

7. Get Ready to Play:

  • Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of how to play Chess Fantasy, it’s time to dive in and experience the excitement. You can download the Chess Fantasy app from the Play Store or visit to begin your chess journey. Good luck, and may your strategic genius shine on the chessboard!