How to Use a Chess Clock

A chess clock adds an exciting element to the game of chess and allows large tournaments to occur more smoothly, but players must learn how […]

A Bishop Chess Piece

In chess, bishops are considered three point pieces that are more valuable than pawns but less so than rooks or queens. Their movement is diagonal […]

Playing Chess Free Online

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How to Properly Use a Chess Engine

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Setting Up a Chess Board

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The Rules of Chess

Chess is a game of strategic thinking, calm concentration and patient intellectual endeavour. Violence rarely comes into it. Unless you are a robot. A position […]

R Chess

Using algebraic notation to describe the position helps players understand where each piece is and what moves it can make. The letter indicating the piece […]

Best Chess Openings

A deep understanding of best chess openings is essential for every player. This is because the opening stages often provide clues as to how you […]